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Simon MiddlemissSimon is a .NET developer specialising in C#, ASP.NET and WPF.  He wrote his first program on an Acorn Electron using BASIC when he was 8 and hasn’t looked back since.

He graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Computational Physics and since then has worked on projects in the broadcast, insurance and music retail industries. He is currently employed as technical lead of the HMV Digital project.

In August 2004 he founded his own company ‘SiSoft’ to develop a computational solution to the problem of managing racing for the Skandia Cowes Week yachting regatta.  Following feedback from the sucessfully trial during the 2005 regatta, the user interface was completely overhauled using the Windows Presentation Framework, something which attracted the attention of Microsoft who have produced a video and case study detailing its use, both of which were featured as part of the Windows Vista developer launch.

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