Reading Vista Launch Geek Dinner

I meant to post this ages ago, but what a fantastic end to a superb day!

At Bar Revoution

We started out at bar Revolution (near the station and right next to the building works) where John Donnelley kindly bought everyone a drink.  We hung around until Zi arrived and then headed off to Pizza Express (behind St Mary’s).Phil Stears, Zi Makki & Jon Harris

I was sitting with Phil Stears from Drive Works, John Donnelley, Ben Hall, and Jon Harris & Clare Parr from DPE.  With a couple of guys from Kent University opposite me (including Darren Straight a Microsoft Student Partner) along with Tim Leung from VBUG it was a pretty good turn out! 

Phil Stears, John Donnelly & Ben Hall Thankfully the conversation was once again the usual intense discussion I’ve come to expect from the diverse but always passionate people who attend these events.  We covered a huge range of topics but the one that sticks in my mind the most was about Microsoft’s plans for Expression Blend (which I plan to blog about later)Someone, Darren Straight & Tim Leung it was great to get an insight on it from an Expression DPE.  The best thing about these dinners is that pretty much everyone is as interested in you as they are in them, it’s a novel change to be able to just sit back, relax and listen to what everyone else is talking about without worrying about people fighting to get heard.

Muchos thanks to Zi Makki as usual and don’t forget that there’s another one after WebDD, which I’m looking forward to very much!


UK Launch Geek Dinner

Fantastic end to a superb day.

Photos from the evening below, more details after some sleep I think!


Reading Geek Dinners

Zi is organising two Geek Dinners, one following this Friday’s Vista/Office Launch and one after the WebDD conference on 3rd February.

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Reading Geek Dinner

This is a repost – Apologies I have moved my blog

After DDD4 was the Reading Geek Dinner.  I was sitting with Craig, Oliver and Sarah, plus a guy called Tim Ensor who was rather drunk. I also spent a lot of time talking to Simon Harriyott and Anthony Steele in Bar Revolutions and as you can see from my naff camera phone photos below, I really need to get me a digital camera…

Thanks Zi it was an excellent evening!

Check out this aggregated feed for all blog entries and images from the evening.

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Scoble Dinner

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Not only did I get to meet Robert Scoble and his lovely wife Maryam, but also Sarah Blow of GirlGeekdom and Hugh MacCloud of GapingVoid too.  Andy Jones who I used to work with at Contemi also turned up which was great, so all round great evening!

Update : Amit Koth and Ajit Joaker were also there.