Catherine and Karl Hulme are celebrating the birth of their first child, Reece William Hulme, who was born at 4.15pm yesterday!!

I have republished most of my technical posts at my new blog on wordpress.  From now on all of my technical stuff will get published there and all my personal, political and other rubbish will go on this blog. 

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Living with someone who lives with Fibromyalgia

As I said in my previous post, Lindsey, Archie and I went into London yesterday. To most people this is an easy affair, you hop on the train, get out at the other end, walk around all day, eat, drink and come home.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia (FMS), or are a carer for someone with the condition, it is slightly less easy. For everything that Lindsey does there are preparations to make and consequences to assess.

Preparations include phoning ahead to wherever we are going to explain about Archie and what a service dog is, making sure people know where we are going, packing snacks, water and drugs for all eventualities. Consequences are much of an unknown, but following a day out like yesterday, Lindsey will probably spend a good proportion of the next week in bed. The more immediate consequences are trying to get passed over-zealous security guards with a hyper-active springer spanial, trying not to cause too much trouble for anyone else you are with, making sure Lindsey is not over doing it, whilst at the same time trying to enjoy yourself.

It’s quite hard, but definitely worth it, because yesterday was fantastic, we stayed a bit too long though as when we finally got back Lindsey had a migraine, which will add another few days to her recovery time.

AOL has the last laugh…

I got no sleep last night because I kept hearing this awful sound like stressed timber giving way, I spent hours awake trying to figure out where the sound was coming from, first I thought the server cabinet was about to fall through the floor, next I was convinced our previously leaking hot water tank had rotted all the floor boards and was about to descend on our finally finished kitchen, then it was the desk in the study collapsing under the weight of all the kitchen worktop and shelve contents ready for the ceiling to be replaced.  Lindsey found me about 3am sitting in the study almost going crazy listening intently and trying to figure out where it was coming from.  I think I eventually collapsed at around 4am.

Lindsey has now just enlightened me as to what it was.

We watched a DVD last night and the surround system was up really loud, the sound was in fact her American friends signing into AOL instant messenger, which makes a sound like a door creaking…

I am so knackered.

Talking about I say- BBQ, water polo and poker. What Cheer!

See Tom’s post on our weekend.  I’ll add photos later!


I say- BBQ, water polo and poker. What Cheer!

Sunday has to be the high point of the August, a great bank holiday weekend, and considering the way the weathers going probably the end of the summer as well!

Lindsey Quarrie Blog

Just had a look at my traffic log and noticed a search from for ‘Lindsey Quarrie Blog’ which found my site as a hit.  Hopefully when this post gets crawled it’ll give a better result!
Anyway, Linz’s blog is here.

Linz World

My wife Lindsey has started writing her blog again.  She suffers from a chronic condition called fibromyalgia, which she intends to write about I think.  It’s purdy and green and has awful photos of me on it, so go along have a laugh and give her a little support.