Are They CRAZY???

Somasegar’s, Corporate Vice President, Developer Division has just announced that the first beta of Visual Studio 2005 SP1 has been released on Connect.  He says that

Visual Studio 2005 SP1 will run on Vista but will likely have a few compatibility issues.  We are working with the Vista team to understand those, to provide workarounds where possible and also work on providing you with a set of fixes beyond SP1.

So there are some issues, it’s a beta, I can live with that, but towards the end of the post was this amazing fact…

We’re also testing to ensure that your .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 applications will work on Windows Vista so that your existing applications will continue to run as expected. 

I’m glad to hear this, but it should go without saying, it’s the next bit that shocked me…

However, we will not support Visual Studio .NET 2002 or Visual Studio .NET 2003 as development environments on Windows Vista.  You can continue to use Visual Studio .NET 2002 or 2003 on Windows XP to develop applications that can run on Windows Vista

Are They CRAZY???  I’m all for new technology, and I spend a good proportion of my time up to my eyeball’s in beta and CTP software, but I am not the majority of MS’s developer base and to cut them from the next generation OS feels, well, crazy! 

It points to one of two things; either an attitude so caviler that they believe everyone is going to drop what they are doing and move over to Vista and .NET 2.0/3.0 or Windows Vista is so far behind the curve that Visual Studio 2003 just won’t work with the operating system, which going by what Scott Hanselman has been saying, may not be far from the truth.

I am still really excited about Vista, .NET 3.0 inparticular, it has so much potential, but damn I hope they sort this one out.

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Rob Relyea: Intellisense in XAML for your types too!

Rob has blogged on his efforts to get XAML intellisense for custom types, something all WPF dev’s have been craving.  Check out his post and watch his blog for updates! 

Link to Rob Relyea: Intellisense in XAML for your types too!

Tim Sneath on Vista Secrets…

Tim Sneath has just blogged about 3 cool new features in Vista that all power users will want to take advantage of.

Windows Vista Secret #1: Open Command Prompt Here – That faithful old PowerToy is now part of the OS but now automagically maps and unmaps a drive when you choose this on a folder on a UNC path.

Windows Vista Secret #2: Copy as Path – From the same context menu as above, copies the path of the file/folder into your clipboard

Windows Vista Secret #3: Bring Back Start / Run – How to customize your start menu to include the ‘Run…’ menu amongst other things (note the position of Tim’s Start Menu, see I’m not the only crazy person having it on the left hand side!)

Sweet Cider

I installed RC1 drop of the .NET Framework 3.0 over the weekend and was pleasently surprised.  Cider, the ‘Orcas’ extensions to Visual Studio 2005 for .NET 3.0 designer for WPF is starting to come of age, what was a clunky, ugly and very buggy user experience has evolved.  I am loving the split view, it’s like XAMLPad but with intellisense, much easier for putting together sample code, and trying things out.  It still won’t render Regatta Manager, but that’s not surprising as it’s a pretty complex app (and ideally I need to rebuild it again from an empty project with RC1 as a base) and it still doesn’t have as much control as EID gives you, but I really like it, which makes a change from previous releases where I would automatically just switch straight to XAML view.

Check it out on the WinFX homepage and on the Cider Wiki at Channel 9.

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I am apparently 87% nerdy.  Slightly disapointed, but then I was comparing myself with PZ and Tara

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Atomic Bloggraphy: 90% of solving any problem is believing that you can

Karl wants some sympathy and quite rightly so.

Windows Vista and .NET 3.0 Release Candidate

Rob Relyea posted a couple days back about the drop of .NET 3.0 RC1, I’ve been holding off upgrading until this release as I want to carry on working with a build that’s got a corresponding Go-Live license, plus I’ve been relatively happy with the stability of Beta 2 and didn’t want to wreck that.  I’m gonna attempt to upgrade to RC1 of Vista in the next few days, so watch this space.