WPF Controls

I’ve spent the last couple of nights struggling with WPF user/custom controls. 
Currently I am adding usercontrols to the children collection of a canvas in the MainWindow OnInitialized() override, getting the data to create the child from the database.
Now ideally this could all be done declaratively, by binding an observable collection to a custom control which can handle the user control creation and presentation, and encapsulating all that logic in the control rather than the main window.
I’ll have another go tonight I think.

Sparkly Avalon

I spent the weekend playing with the Windows Presentation Framework February CTP and the March CTP of Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer.  At the end of it I had the basics of a replacement for the CourseSetter, something which took me 3 months to write in MDX.  Bit annoying to have to throw away the engine I wrote, but not having to do the painting, data binding and dialog handling manually will seriously save me time, especially considering the new spec for this year.

Lax, Lax, Lax…

It’s been a bloody month since my last entry, how bad is that?
It’s been a busy thou, really ramped up at work, ready for a new release soon.  The house is finally coming together and on top of all that there is this year’s changes to make for Cowes Week.
So the excuses made I’ll get on and tell you about some more interesting stuff…