Its Tuesday.

Only 9 work days to go until I am on holiday for 2 weeks, which I’m seriously in need of.

Archie is getting to be a bit of a handful.  He likes to chew, anything, and has a particular pentient for toes.

Phil has passed his disease on to me and Lindsey, so I am going to have a fantastic Christmas being ill



I want to go home

fụ¢қ me I feel bad…

…But it was definatly worth it, last night kicked righteous ass.  The food was fantastic, I had a salmon and mascapone parcel with some seriously hot wassabi sauce to start with, followed by a pan fried sea bass.  I also sipped on some seriously peaty whiky.

Anyway I would recommend The Crown at Playhatch nr Reading as a seriously decent restaurant/pub.



Oh the woe, the woe!

I am still drunk.

I feel seriously wobbly

signing off for a few hours

Yay! Some sleep..albeit uncomfortable

Archie and Jake slept through until 4.30am this morning, which is progress, with Archie locked in his cage too!!  Unfortunatly I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up with a very stiff neck and spasming back.

I’ve booked time in my bed tonight, although I doubt I’ll have the pleasure of Lindsey’s company because she’ll be dog sitting.  I’m sure if Jake was capable of sleeping through the night we would be having no problems at all now…



How is it possible for such a tiny thing to make so much noise?

How is it possible for such a tiny thing to produce so much poo?

Only 2 hours sleep last night.

Jake isn’t helping, I think Archie would sleep through the night if Jake would.


I found this whilst browsing the web…

make sure you also go to Disturbing Auctions.

Total class