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As politics go, we’re surprised so many readers expect us or any publication to provide "balance," which reflects a belief in the fallacy that there are two equally valid sides to every story. You see this in the debate over global warming and evolution. Thousands of scientists stand on one side of the issue, recognizing that global warming is a problem and that evolution is firmly established, while only a few detractors stand on the other.

Nope. Playboy (not a link to Playboy, a link to the article I got this from!).


Talking about Patient Advocacy

My wife just posted this article about changing the attitudes of medical practitioners to patients who are informed and interest in their own health.  However one segment jumped out at me for an entirely different reason.

After reading a news report about two patients suing Pfizer over pain, weakness and memory loss they claim was caused by Lipitor, [a patient] shot me an e-mail, saying such complaints are "exactly what concerns me about the drug du jour."

It’s slightly out of context so I’d suggest you read the full article, but I think it highlights a stark difference between health services in the US and here, my GP would never in a million years give me her email address…

Crap it’s the 10th July…

…I’ve been married two years, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?
Photos of the big day can be seen here.
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Changing my mind…

I made a decision when I started this blog to keep it professional and light hearted and not to enter into political or philosophical debates.

I’ve just read something which has changed my mind. 

Please read it too.

It is the account of a modern day witch trial in the United States, and it scares me. 

It scares me because I can see it happening here, and we must not let it. 

It scares me because we do not have the protection of separation of church and state, and so have no course to redress it.

It scares me, and it should scare you.

Celebrating a life

It was Dani’s funeral on Friday, but despite all the tears shed, and heartache, anger and grief felt during her service, it paled into insignificance compared to the amount of sheer enjoyment we had that day. Dani, we celebrated your life in style, you would have been proud.

I am sure it should be considered bad form to laugh as much as we did at the wake, who could have blamed us, sitting under that willow tree, with very old friends (some of whom I haven’t seen since high school), a pretty much unlimited supply of alcohol and Elfie ever the inimitable host?

Thinking back on it, we visited most of our usual hideouts, the pool at my parents house, the Coach & Horses, and obviously Dani’s mum’s house, where we had the wake. Both people and places had changed a great deal in the 8 years since we all went our separate ways, and yet within minutes we were laughing, joking and teasing each other as if it had only been the day before that we last met.