Salbutamol Sulphate

Last night I had the worst ‘asthma attack’ I’ve had in a while. I hesitate to even describe it as an attack, I was wheezing and couldn’t sleep, normally I’d just take a puff of that magic stuff called Ventolin and I’d be fine. Circumstances led to this not being the case though; not only was I low on the stuff due to an Archie induced explosion of my least out of date inhaler, but it’s been so damned long since I used it I forgot to use the volumizer* and so I swallowed most of it.


Ingesting Ventolin has never been a good thing for me, side effects from Salbutamol are listed as tremor, headache, tachycardia and hyperactivity plus a whole lot more. I’ve concentrated on these because that’s what I get if I don’t fully inhale the stuff. Whilst it can be scary as hell to witness if you’re not expecting it, and whilst it can ruin a good night’s sleep, it isn’t half funny after the event.


Last night reminded me of a really bad attack I had when I was a kid, I’d been on a nebuliser for about an hour and was really tired. The first symptoms usually manifest themselves as a what I can only describe as ‘Big Hands’. My hands feel like they are the size of the Michelin Man’s and about as dexterous. Next there is the whole fracked-up scale of things; small patterns on wallpaper seeming like they are the size of elephants etc.  But the weirdest thing is the hallucinations, I was convinced that a friend of mine from down the road was in the room with me, along with a swamp complete with logs and crocodiles!!


Anyway, there you have it.  Weird…


* an awful looking device which you squirt the inhaler into and then breath out the salbutamol/air mix from the other end. It makes the drug more effective because you inhale it rather than swallowing it.


Lindsey Quarrie Blog

Just had a look at my traffic log and noticed a search from for ‘Lindsey Quarrie Blog’ which found my site as a hit.  Hopefully when this post gets crawled it’ll give a better result!
Anyway, Linz’s blog is here.


Finally the MSDN documentation is available in Wiki Form, so the people that use it the most can update, correct and add substance to what is usually very bland and unhelpful content.

There is no .NET 3.0 documentation up there but I expect that will change over time.

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Tracy Danielle Barry

I have just found out that a close friend that I have known since high school has died. She was 26 and just under a month younger than myself. I am frankly at a loss for what to say, and everything I think of seems either cliché or irreverent. I am just going to write what comes to mind.

In about 3 weeks time it will be a decade since I met her, 10 years in which an awful lot happened to a very courageous young woman. She once said to me ‘I have no regrets’, and in that vein, I am glad we made the time that we did for our friendship, I am glad the one short evening we all managed to get together on last December was so much fun and I am glad we spoke so recently.

I will say more as this all starts to become real.

Dani, I miss you terribly already.

Elfie my thoughts go out to you and your family.

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Animation Behaviours

Brandon Furtwangler has posted an article on the WPF Forums about his extension to WPF called ‘Animation Behaviours’.

Basically it allows you to add an attached property to any FrameworkElement which defines the behaviour of an animation when something happens.






        Fill="red" />

How cool is that?

Download the demo he’s done and marvel at the simplicity!

More stuff by Karl

Karl’s posted a new song.

Karl on Scrum

Karl has posted a new article on his implementation of Conchango’s Scrum for Team System. He talks about CI and build processes as well, worth a read.