Stormhoek Select Rosé…

Hugh from GapingVoid has been using blogging to promote the Stormhoek vineyard that he’s involved in; by all accounts, it’s going quite well. 

I am not usually a fan of rosé, but having seen his distinctive cartoon style on a shelf in Tesco I decided to give it a try. It’s not half bad either!  Eminently quaffable.

Go buy some.

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Look at what the academics are doing!

As some of you will know I have a few friends who are still busy little bees at university.  One of them, Dr Darren Myatt, who’s skills include breaking £30,000 microscopes, trumping rocket scientists at their own game and generally being far too clever for his own good, has developed a cool little app called ‘Neuromantic’.  I don’t claim to know what it does, but if you copy this and save it to an .swc file, it sure looks pretty when you open it up (hint: click the big ‘3D View’ button).

Oh and as of about 5 mins ago, he can say it’s Vista Compatible.

This post has next to nothing to do with my normal topics of conversation other than to say; ‘As a community we really need to improve the way we talk to academia’.  ‘Neuromantic’ is built using Borland C++ Builder, it’s a low footprint app which runs pretty much anywhere and has no fiddly install procedures.

So whilst I am sure C++ is faster than .NET in some scenarios, we really need to start getting across to people that the slight performance drop is more than made up for by the leap in productivity and that deployment doesn’t have to be an issue. There needs to be some education about modern development practices and I think we need to concentrate on promoting to this vast group of talent outside of the beer and pizza fueled evenings where I for one struggle to get my point of view heard.


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Snap Previewer…

…is now turned off. For good!

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