WPF Collections & Threads

Karl seems to have a couple of good articles (here & here) on dealing with wpf collections from threads other than the UI.  Check them out.


Chris Lightfoot, 1978 – 2007

It came to my attention this morning that Chris Lightfoot – the person behind ‘writetothem’, ‘no2id‘, ‘pledgebank‘ and others – has died unexpectedly. I knew him only by his projects and others can speak more of him, but I think it appropriate that some remark is made about his contributions to increasing both the transparency of our government and the accessibility of our representatives.

Things are on hold…

I’ll not be blogging at my usual rate for the next couple of weeks for reasons that I’ll disclose at a later date.  I’ll continue to reply to comments and may submit the odd thing as and when I get the chance.  Hopefully come April I’ll be able to resume my usual tantilizing commentry. 

Premium passport service

Due to laxness on a grand scale I had the need to avail myself of the Home Office Identity & Passport Service‘s premium same-day passport service.  Whilst the cost was exorbitant (£108 for the passport, £40 for the train fare, a day’s holiday etc) it was a surprisingly slick operation. 

You *do* have to very carefully fill in the application, make sure you have your photo’s taken by a photographer with a home office certified Polaroid camera, have inordinate amounts of verifying identification and something to do during the four hours it takes to process the application, but having organised all of that I don’t think I spent more than 15 minutes in total in the passport office.

So I now have a chipped and machine-readable biometric passport and am part of ‘the system’ once more.

FON community wireless network

FON! I posted earlier about the FON community wireless network project. The idea is that members of the network share a proportion of their bandwidth for the benefit of other members. Well yesterday my free FON router arrived; setup was a breeze & their is now a wireless hotspot at my address! So it you are ever in the Greenham area of Newbury & you need wi-fi access, you know where to come!


Catherine and Karl Hulme are celebrating the birth of their first child, Reece William Hulme, who was born at 4.15pm yesterday!!

MSDN Library Sidebar Search Gadget


How did I do without this??