WebDD: A review

I tried live blogging WebDD but it was tiring enough just watching and listening to ScottGu, so you’ll all have to put up with this late old entry! 

The quality of the community organised events that happen at the Microsoft Campus in Reading have been steadily improving since they started and at the time I thought anyone would be hard-pushed to top DDD4WebDD managed it, which given the line up I should have realised long before.

There were two downsides to the day, both revolving around Scott Guthrie.  The first was that he was so popular a lot of the other great speakers didn’t get the audiences they deserved, the second was that Chicago 1 was just not big enough to cope with the demand.

It was unfortunate that I missed out on some of the other sessions, but I think it was worthwhile going in person to see Scott’s sessions as he is an excellent presenter and I don’t think that would have come across so much in the video’s.  Over and above the quality of the presenting though were the demo’s that Scott did; I’ve never seen someone that fluid with Visual Studio in front of an audience before.  I was even more impressed when, for the 3rd session, he started using C# when in the first two he’d used VB.NET.

There isn’t much more I can say other than thank’s to Phil and Dave for organising a grueling but truly fantastic day.

Here’s to the next one!


WebDD or Scott Guthrie day

Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to is going to see Scott all day. Chicago 1 is PACKED!

WebDD – Breakfast!

Sausage sandwiches are a fantastic way to start any conference I’ll tell you that for free!

First off it looks like a good turn out, seen at least 5 familiar faces.

We’ve also been tagged as either designers or developers by a coloured raffle ticket, I’ll let you know what that’s all about later.

WebDD Schedule is up!

Phil and Dave have just published the schedule for the Feb 3rd WebDD conference and it looks like the quality of topics and speakers will be second to none. 

I’ve some ideas of what I want to see and hear, the question is will 4 hours of Scott Guthrie be too much and do I really want to miss out on Jon Harris talking about Blend and Design instead of seeing Orcas in action?

Questions, questions, questions!

I can’t wait!

WebDD Conference

Registration is open for the first WebDD Conference at Microsoft in Reading.  Following on from the successes of DDD4, WebDD is targeted specifically at web developers and designers based in the UK and will have a hot line up of speakers including Scott Guthrie from Microsoft and Hiristo Deshev & Zhivko Dimitrov from Telerik.

So signup, if it’s anything like as good as DDD4 was, it’s going to be a blast.


DDD 5 : Call For Speakers

Developer developer developer is a community driven “un-conference” that is hosted at the Microsoft Campus in Reading.  It’s an informal opportunity for developers to learn, share & interact with each other in a relaxed environment. 

Whilst Microsoft UK provide the venue, logistical support and also lay on lunch, there is a guarantee that no Microsoft speakers will be presenting.  This leaves the door open for the UK .NET community to choose what they want to hear and who they want to hear it from.  Head on over to the Developer Day website and check out the currently proposed sessions and if you don’t like the sound of those why not submit your own proposal?

The last two events, DDD4 & WebDD, were so good that it will be very hard to better them. I’d love to be proved wrong and given the amount of effort the organisers put in I won’t be surprised if I am!

If you’ve never been before and you want to know a little about them there are recorded sessions, copious amounts of feedback and lots of reviews on the web.  You can check out my thoughts on the last 2 events here and here.

One more thing, there is a tradition that after an event of this type, those that want to, head out into Reading town center for a ‘geek dinner’.  They are great opportunity to meet more of your peers as well as talk to the organisers and some of the Microsoft staff that help out on the day.

It really is a worthwhile and enjoyable day so make sure you keep Saturday, June 30th free!

As a final note I always point people to this which explains what it’s all about in a language we all (hopefully) understand.

Normal service shall now resume…

I’ve spent the last week recovering from a nasty bought of stomach flu, so apologies for the limited posting, especially following a very exciting weekend, I promise to up my post rate from now on!

Lots of things have happened in the last week, there was WebDD, another geek dinner, a new version of WPF/E was released, the server side ASP.NET AJAX source code was released with a customize/modify license, plus loads more.

One thing of note which I heard this morning was Steve Jobs’ announcement that he wants record labels to dispel their insistence on DRM in return for which Apple will open up their iTunes store to other players.  I am not surprised by this announcement, especially since Dave Goldberg (head of Yahoo! Music) has been gaining ground on the same subject, as Apple have firmly entrenched themselves as #1 player and #1 store; opening up the store to other players just means more market share for themselves.  I await the label’s response with baited breath.

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Reading Vista Launch Geek Dinner

I meant to post this ages ago, but what a fantastic end to a superb day!

At Bar Revoution

We started out at bar Revolution (near the station and right next to the building works) where John Donnelley kindly bought everyone a drink.  We hung around until Zi arrived and then headed off to Pizza Express (behind St Mary’s).Phil Stears, Zi Makki & Jon Harris

I was sitting with Phil Stears from Drive Works, John Donnelley, Ben Hall, and Jon Harris & Clare Parr from DPE.  With a couple of guys from Kent University opposite me (including Darren Straight a Microsoft Student Partner) along with Tim Leung from VBUG it was a pretty good turn out! 

Phil Stears, John Donnelly & Ben Hall Thankfully the conversation was once again the usual intense discussion I’ve come to expect from the diverse but always passionate people who attend these events.  We covered a huge range of topics but the one that sticks in my mind the most was about Microsoft’s plans for Expression Blend (which I plan to blog about later)Someone, Darren Straight & Tim Leung it was great to get an insight on it from an Expression DPE.  The best thing about these dinners is that pretty much everyone is as interested in you as they are in them, it’s a novel change to be able to just sit back, relax and listen to what everyone else is talking about without worrying about people fighting to get heard.

Muchos thanks to Zi Makki as usual and don’t forget that there’s another one after WebDD, which I’m looking forward to very much!

ScottGu’s Blog : ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Released

Scott Guthrie has announced the release of ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 (formally known by the codename Atlas). 

Check out Scott’s blog (you can talk to him yourself if you are registered for WebDD) and also ajax.asp.net.

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Reading Geek Dinners

Zi is organising two Geek Dinners, one following this Friday’s Vista/Office Launch and one after the WebDD conference on 3rd February.

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