À bientôt

I mentioned in a recent post that I was going to take a break from blogging for a few weeks and that I’d explain why later.  Well later has arrived.

As of Monday 26th March 2007 I became and FTE (full time employee) at Microsoft UK.  I am working as part of Microsoft Consulting Services as a consultant; hopefully on lots of cool WPF projects.  I had refrained from blogging about it thus far so I could get the lay of the land regarding Microsoft’s policies on the subject.  Having done so I am now officially back!

The content shouldn’t change, but unfortunately the location will.  I’ll now be resident at blogs.msdn.com/psiman, sharing space with a lot of very good people.  Whether this adds or detracts from my credibility is for you to decide, but given how much I constantly rave about WPF, .NET and Microsoft in general, I am uncertain if my opinions could be much more biased as it is!

I am going to cross post things for a while and I may well repost some of my better stuff there too.  Also topics that are specific to Cowes Week may well get posted here in the future, although that isn’t certain.

See you at the new place!

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One Response to “À bientôt”

  1. Simon Harriyott Says:

    Hey, congratulations on the new job! Look forward to hearing all about it.

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