Normal service shall now resume…

I’ve spent the last week recovering from a nasty bought of stomach flu, so apologies for the limited posting, especially following a very exciting weekend, I promise to up my post rate from now on!

Lots of things have happened in the last week, there was WebDD, another geek dinner, a new version of WPF/E was released, the server side ASP.NET AJAX source code was released with a customize/modify license, plus loads more.

One thing of note which I heard this morning was Steve Jobs’ announcement that he wants record labels to dispel their insistence on DRM in return for which Apple will open up their iTunes store to other players.  I am not surprised by this announcement, especially since Dave Goldberg (head of Yahoo! Music) has been gaining ground on the same subject, as Apple have firmly entrenched themselves as #1 player and #1 store; opening up the store to other players just means more market share for themselves.  I await the label’s response with baited breath.

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