Digital divide

Like all IT professionals, when you head back home you end up fixing your parent’s computers for them; in my case I don’t much mind it as I’m effectively my Dad’s IT manager for his one man pharmacuticals consulting company. In return for me keeping his email flowing I get to play with hardware and software that’s only slightly inappropriate for his outfit. For example he’s got a Dell server with SBS 2003 installed. Now perhaps that is a little overkill for him, but he likes his Outlook, loves OWA and thinks Sharepoint is amazing, so I’ll not feel too guilty.

I am actually just watching him upgrade from the Beta of Windows Live OneCare 1.5 to the release version as well as walking him through the basics of using Windows Mobile as I’ve just given him my old XDA Exec. If only everyone was as easily impressed by what you can do with modern communications methods things would be peachy.


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