Open Source Nightmare

I’ve been contemplating trying to get people blogging internally at work, but before I even broach the subject, I wanted to be sure that setting up a multi user, easily maintainable and cheap solution was available.

My choice? Well WordPress obviously! I am really impressed with the platform, it’s slick, easily skinable, it works with Windows Live Writer and the stats pages are better than Windows Live Spaces which my previous blog was on.  I figured since WordPress was so good, it would be worth it to try and install MySQL & PHP on my server.

I gave up after 5 hours.

The latest PHP doesn’t appear to support anything above IIS4, when you eventually do get it installed on IIS, there’s a set of other stuff you have to do to get PHP recognized on IIS (ok so not that much), and then it turns out that WordPress only works on Windows with MySQL 4.0, which you can’t get anymore.  Now I don’t think I’m being too modest when I say I’m pretty competent in this area, and maybe I’m spoiled with the ease of using Microsoft products, but it strikes me as just being too hard!

At this point I went to, downloaded the installer, ran it, click, click, click…stuck the latest episode of BSG on and 40 minutes later I’ve got a portal I can add blogs to.

Total cost of ownership, really is a compelling argument for using Microsoft technologies.

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One Response to “Open Source Nightmare”

  1. Richard Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had an attempted install that isn’t frustrating when trying to shoe-horn something written for Apache into IIS. Unless someone has spent a lot of time adapting it, it is generally a nightmare – as you have discovered. Those I know of who have installed WordPress under Windows, generally do so by using Apache rather than IIS.

    There is an article here that claims they will have WordPress up and running in ten minutes, which also includes a link to some additional discussion of how to ensure it co-exists with IIS.

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