HMV Digital for Windows Media Center

Please forgive the sales pitch but this project has been a labour of love for us and we are very proud of it.

HMV Digital’s Online Spotlight application is finally live!

From the Media Center main menu, navigate to ‘Spotlight’ and then from the ‘Showcase’ tab select HMV Digital or, if you don’t have MCE, you can browse the store in IE, but like all MCE applications, outside of Media Center the functionality is limited.  Have a look around, it may even convince you to go out and purchase a Media Center PC!

This incarnation of HMV Digital supports permanent downloads as well as subscription steaming and subscription downloads and if you do have an HMV Unlimited subscription then you’ll find this is excellent for parties, leave the remote lying around and let your friends add anything from the 2 million+ track library to the queue and listen for hours!

If you have an XBox 360 or any Intel Viiv device then even better because this HMV Digital is supported on the Extender.

As always with HMV Digital if you have a Plays For Sure Digital Player you can sync up your downloads to your device and take them on road…

The service is not yet part of Spotlight for Windows Vista but you can add it to the ‘more programs’ menu by following the instructions below:

Create an xml file called RegisterMCEApp.xml’ and paste the following into it

      title="HMV Digital"
          title="HMV Digital"
          description="Digital Jukebox">
      <category category="More Programs"/>

Next create a batch file with the following in it

c:\windows\ehome\RegisterMCEApp.exe /allusers RegisterMCEApp.xml

Run the batch file from the same location as the xml file and you should see "success" displayed in the console.  If you navigate to ‘more programs’ in Media Center on Windows Vista you should have an icon called "HMV Digital".


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