Talking about Atomic Bloggraphy: Ignorance and Fear

This is a repost

Karl has hit the nail on the head with this post.

“WPF is a fantastic technology that has a huge amount to offer my users. It’s not about giving users pretty interfaces, it’s about giving users intuitive interfaces. WPF provides the most expressive environment for combining classic UI elements, 2D/3D graphics, videos and animation currently available. I want my users to have the best possible experience when using my software.”

The human being is an incredibly tactile creature, and because of this, if we see something we like, we pick it up and touch it, and whether we are conscious of it or not, this touch imbues a lot of understanding.  This haptic response is missing from the computer world, the tool we use the most in our daily lives, and I cannot think of another which provides so little touch feedback.

So for now that feedback has to be solely provided through user experience (UX).  Some people may say that glowing buttons, animation, gradient fills, curved dialogs and 3D as well as beeps, plinks and buzzes are just toys for the boys.  Whilst I am one of those boys I believe it goes deeper, and that the greater stimulus and feedback provided by things like Flash and AJAX as well as owner-drawn custom UI’s make user interfaces in general a lot more accessible.  WPF is going to bring that accessibility to the mainstream by making it easy to create levels of user feedback and interactivity that are just not possible within the time and experience limits imposed on most projects.

I am working on a project which epitomizes what I’ve just said.  I have computerised a system which was purely touch based and have had to design a UI with non computer users in mind, the first attempt was satisfactory, I am hoping I can make it much better this time.


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