‘Petzold’s book’

This is a repost

Howard has leant me ‘Applications = Code + Markup’, which I’ve finally started to make headway on.  It’s really good, unlike most other IT publications you can read it like a novel, cover to cover.  It’s now been about 2 months since I did any hardcore WPF, so I’m a little rusty again, which has made reading this such a great refresher because I have no excuse for skipping bits, plus concepts I’d missed because of time, or misunderstood because of no clear explanation, I can now get straight in my head.

Like his other publications, this one assumes previous knowledge, but walks the user through the very basic of concepts first, I am especially intrigued about his decision to leave all XAML to the second part of the book, with the first part concentrating on the new concepts in WPF such as dependency properties and routed events.

I’ll give my final verdict when I’ve finished it, but so far I’m impressed.


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