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I woke up this morning to find the blogosphere teaming with news about the release of ‘Microsoft Expression Blend’ beta 1, which looks excellent.  ‘Blend’, which used to be ‘Expression Interactive Designer’, which used to be ‘Sparkle’, is a product I have a great affinity for.  In fact if I hadn’t had access to it I would never have chosen to develop the Regatta Manager in WPF.

Something that I think is a testament to WPF and it’s power is that the ‘Blend’ UI is completely different to how it was back in September, and now looks reminiscent of Discreet’s Fire, Flame and Combustion video production suite.  With the advent of styles within WPF reskinning a UI is a simple matter of loosing your design team on the application…

Microsoft Expression Blend Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer

Whilst on the subject Scoble has an interesting post on the genesis of ‘Blend’, which goes back to early longhorn demonstrations, which turned out to have been made in Macromedia Director.

Also in a similar vein, the December CTP of WPF/E for the Windows and Macintosh platforms have been released along with associated SDKs and Sample Packs.

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