Applications = Code + Markup : The WPF Parachute

This is a repost

I once commented (on a post by Karsten Januszewski where he’s talking about ‘Hitting the Curve’) that:

There isn’t a curve.  It’s more like jumping of a cliff, hitting the ground hard, dusting yourself off and then finding another cliff to do the same over.

Well, having just finished Petzold’s latest book (Microsoft Press, Amazon, Waterstones) I’m extending that analogy.  His book is your parachute;  having read it, you’ll find you have a better view of the WPF landscape, and when you reach the limit of your knowledge, you won’t hit the ground quite so hard. 

I wish I’d had this huge asset a year ago, and had had the time to fully absorb what is in it, instead of ploughing in head first with only samples, forum’s, blogs and a huge amount of trial, error and intuition. 

I envy those developers that are coming to the RTM version fresh, this technology has been proven in live environments, there is now a huge amount of documentation, samples and support and now with this book, there is everything a developer needs to create really stunning applications.

These are exciting times 😀


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