3rd party Wi-fi access at TVP…

I mentioned earlier about Sarah Blow’s issues with internet access during her session.  She comments more on her blog saying:

[A]ll in all the organisers from the event did really well and were only really let down by the lack of internet access on Microsoft’s part, which could quite easily be resolved by a guest wireless account or a relible [sic] wired network.

I hope that Microsoft will take a serious look into this for next time, especially when web 2.0 technologies and the latest softwares all interlink with the net one way or another. PLEASE sort it out for us next time!!!!! Pretty Please!  It will open up the topic areas for talks no end and demo’s can then be done far easier!

I agree that, given enough notice, speakers and organisers should be able to get some sort of internet connection, but during dinner there was also talk about the need for delegates to have wi-fi.  Having thought about this over the last few days, I’m not sure that Microsoft should be expected to provide the infrastructure for a network separate from their corporate one for the 300+ guests that attend these seminars.  More to the point, why should delegates need internet access, aren’t they there for the the talks, discussions, seminars and networking opportunities?

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2 Responses to “3rd party Wi-fi access at TVP…”

  1. Craig Murphy Says:

    Yes indeed, you would hope that Internet access would be a easy requirement to meet. As organisers, we can only request facilities, this was the first DDD that we tried to use third-party Internet access.

    Whilst it worked initially, yes, during the live performance, things didn’t go as well as expected. Rest assured, we will be discussing it in our “post-DDD catch up”. I see that folks are noting it on the feedback form, so we *will* pick up on it.

    In the past, Microsoft have been able to provide wireless access to 50+ MVPs at their Cambridge location – hopefully we’ll find a means of achieving the same for 20 speakers at TVP!

    Thanks for this feedback, without it, we can’t improve DDD5!

  2. simonmiddlemiss Says:


    If enough people blog about it or bring it up in feedback, it’ll be a no-brainer to get sorted for next time.

    Thanks again for a great day.

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