Sweet Cider

I installed RC1 drop of the .NET Framework 3.0 over the weekend and was pleasently surprised.  Cider, the ‘Orcas’ extensions to Visual Studio 2005 for .NET 3.0 designer for WPF is starting to come of age, what was a clunky, ugly and very buggy user experience has evolved.  I am loving the split view, it’s like XAMLPad but with intellisense, much easier for putting together sample code, and trying things out.  It still won’t render Regatta Manager, but that’s not surprising as it’s a pretty complex app (and ideally I need to rebuild it again from an empty project with RC1 as a base) and it still doesn’t have as much control as EID gives you, but I really like it, which makes a change from previous releases where I would automatically just switch straight to XAML view.

Check it out on the WinFX homepage and on the Cider Wiki at Channel 9.

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