My Packed Weekend

I’ve had a really busy weekend, which started Friday night with me watching all of series 5 of Scrubs (hence the title of this post), we also pretty much finished the bathroom (the floor is getting laid sometime today) as well as making a good start on the lounge.

I also spent a good amount of time downloading and trying to install Windows Vista RC1, but couldn’t find any DVD ISO burning software that would work on Vista, so that’s a task for tonight.

Last night I watched two very cool films that I really recommend, firstly Inside Man, a Spike Lee film with a top notch cast and Primer a low-budget indie film about two engineers who build a remarkable machine…

I didn’t however get a chance to get my little polar tool ready for the wider world.  It’s got some dependencies on WinFX, due to some bad coding on my part in the Regatta Manager, which I want to get rid of first.

Oh and one of my friend’s from university has just announced his engagement, so congratualtions to Helly and Mark!


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