Salbutamol Sulphate

Last night I had the worst ‘asthma attack’ I’ve had in a while. I hesitate to even describe it as an attack, I was wheezing and couldn’t sleep, normally I’d just take a puff of that magic stuff called Ventolin and I’d be fine. Circumstances led to this not being the case though; not only was I low on the stuff due to an Archie induced explosion of my least out of date inhaler, but it’s been so damned long since I used it I forgot to use the volumizer* and so I swallowed most of it.


Ingesting Ventolin has never been a good thing for me, side effects from Salbutamol are listed as tremor, headache, tachycardia and hyperactivity plus a whole lot more. I’ve concentrated on these because that’s what I get if I don’t fully inhale the stuff. Whilst it can be scary as hell to witness if you’re not expecting it, and whilst it can ruin a good night’s sleep, it isn’t half funny after the event.


Last night reminded me of a really bad attack I had when I was a kid, I’d been on a nebuliser for about an hour and was really tired. The first symptoms usually manifest themselves as a what I can only describe as ‘Big Hands’. My hands feel like they are the size of the Michelin Man’s and about as dexterous. Next there is the whole fracked-up scale of things; small patterns on wallpaper seeming like they are the size of elephants etc.  But the weirdest thing is the hallucinations, I was convinced that a friend of mine from down the road was in the room with me, along with a swamp complete with logs and crocodiles!!


Anyway, there you have it.  Weird…


* an awful looking device which you squirt the inhaler into and then breath out the salbutamol/air mix from the other end. It makes the drug more effective because you inhale it rather than swallowing it.


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