Click Once and Crystal Reports

Jenny spent last weekend working on the reporting aspects of the Regatta Manager, for which I thank her so very much! I didn’t want to use Crystal because it isn’t as good as SQL Server Reporting in my opinion, and I had some very bad experiences with Crystal Reports under Visual Studio 2002/2003 and beta 2 of Whidbey. However it was what she knew and we didn’t have the time for her to learn something new.

It all went surprisingly well, and we now have exactly the reports we need which has taken a huge amount of my plate, but, and you must have been sensing the ‘but’ coming since the beginning, come deployment time things went pear shaped. The deployed application was looking for the Crystal engine assemblies in the GAC, which of course the client machines don’t have, and just deploying the assemblies that you get in the bin folder didn’t work…

…Anyway, after much searching I found a hidden away article on how to do it, and it’s easy, just select the Crystal for .NET 2.0 Runtime components as part of the pre-requisites and it copies the needed msi file to the Click Once deployment folder where, if the client doesn’t have it, it will be installed form.

This was meant to be more of a moan at Crystal and Microsoft about how hard it is to deploy using Click Once, but I was obviously way to tired last night to see the blaringly obvious tick box, so now it’s more of a thanks to Jen for all her help.

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2 Responses to “Click Once and Crystal Reports”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Your welcome. 🙂

  2. Wesley Says:

    Click Once is a great deployment platform, but including Crystal in your application completely KILLS it. Yes it works 80% of the time, but time and time again over the past few YEARS it failed in situations where we need consistent RELIABILITY, and that 20% is unacceptable for production environments, say inside a major motor vehicle underwriter company, or an international bank! These two cases were REAL PRODUCTION environments we tried and failed with Click Once + Crystal! Needless to say it all worked at testing phase, and then when you do it for real, BANG. FAIL.Get it right Crystal! You\’ve had more than enough years to get it right! It\’s a clear sign of a bad codebase and bad hacking to make their system work. It\’s shoddy to say the best, but we have to use it, it\’s like a damn Nazi!Signed disappointed Developer

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