My First Office 2007 Blog Post

I’ve just installed Office 2007, and I am using Word 2007 to write and publish my first blog entry. Since I don’t have a headset handy I will have to type this in, but I intend to get speech-to-text working so I can blog on the move!!

It looks really pretty, and I am already in love with the Outlook to-do bar, and the new toolbars really do make it so much easier to find the function you are looking for.

But my favourite thing is OneNote 2007, with the OneNote mobile feature, you can make voice recordings, which will automatically sync up to OneNote when you dock, and are then searchable. Yes, I did mean that, voice recordings are searchable!!!

Anyway, off to discover even more…

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One Response to “My First Office 2007 Blog Post”

  1. Viriam Says:

    Do you mind if I chat with you?I am  from China.

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