Round Trip

Well yesterday was interesting. following my forgetfulness I decided to drive all the way back to Newbury (about the same time as going to Sway would have been) and the proceeded to install Windows Server 2003 R2. Its a nice improvement, the ‘new server set-up’ wizard does AD, DNS, DHCP and RRAS for you. So it was just entering IP addresses and dns names. I whacked SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition on their too and we were done (9 hours later). I also tried installing the Dec CTP of Vista. got it installed but BSOD after 5 mins. think its the display drivers, and couldn’t fix it. it looks stunning thou, will try it on the media centre PC tonight.

Well anyway after all that I drove back to Sway (51 mins – not bad) and have spent this fantastic Sunday running around the forest with Archie, Linz and Sue. All round good weekend!


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