The big ball of fur has arrived

Countryways Sandsedge, or Archie as we like to call him, has arrived.  Isn’t fedex fantastic?  Only joking.  We picked him up form the breeders this morning and he is the cutest thing.  We were a little anxious about the trip home, as it is about an hours drive and it was his first car trip, but nothing came out of any of his orfices, in fact he went to sleep.  Something which we have confirmed by experiment happens whenever you take him out in it.

Jake found Archie interesting for the usual amount of time he finds a dog interesting (about 20 seconds) and Archie was initially a bit wary, but is now content to annoy the hell out of him by running around his feet and stepping in his water bowl. 

Anyway, I am meant to be getting some sleep so I will leave you with the best photo we managed to take of him with my phone camera, believe me you’ll think it was taken by a professional!


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