I have decended to the levels of the common user

Well, isn’t this a surprise.  I never thought I’d publish a ‘blog’.  In fact the idea still repulses me?  Why would I want to let the world know what I am thinking?  More to the point why would any one be interested?  I sort of see the point in corporate blogging, the MS one’s have some very useful info on them, but its disseminated, catalogued only by google, which can’t be a good thing.  Personal blog’s?  Well either they are as dull as shit, (I just lost by the way), or they are intersesting to the point that they get the writer (or should I say ‘blogger’) into trouble. 

I think this will do for my first entry.

How do you sign off a blog by the way?  Do you say

Yours Truly,

Simon Middlemiss

like in a letter, or, becuause people obviously know who’s blog it is, do you just leave it.


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